Eastern Ohio Time Trial Series

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The Eastern Ohio Time Trial Series will begin in May 2012 and end in September 2012. This series is comprised of time trials exclusively, and will rank racers based on results of the 5 time trial races listed (numbered) in the calendar. See the schedule for specific race dates. Racers can compete in as few or as many of these 5 races as they wish. Points accumulate throughout the year and will be tabulated in an ongoing basis. All points in these 5 races will count toward a racer’s overall series results. We are scoring your best 4 times out of 5 races.  The winner will have the lowest combined time of the 4 events. 3 of the 5 races must be attended in order to qualify for the championship prizes. If an event should be cancelled, for any reason, that awarded points will be dropped and the series will continue, being made up of the remaining events. If the event is re-scheduled, and the new date does not conflict with another series date, then the event will still count in the series and the race number sequence will be correspondingly changed.



Event schedule

  • Pre-register via TrueSport online. See the links on the Schedule page.
  • 6:45-7:30 Registration opens.
  • 7:45 Mandatory meeting/instructions at the registration tent for all riders.
  • 8:01 first rider off (1 minute intervals)
  • Please arrive at the start house a couple minutes prior to your start time.
  • RIDERS MUST BE PRESENT FOR DOOR PRIZES-all other awards can be picked-up by a representative or at a later event.

Fixed Gear Rules

  • Fixed gear bikes only, no freewheeling single speeds.
  • Must have 1 working rim brake.
  • 90 inch gear max.
  • Aero bars are allowed.
  • Aero helmets are allowed.

Standard Class Rules

  • Class is designed for those without a designated time trial bike/other equipment to use in a time trial. The class is designed for basic road bikes without aftermarket speed/aerodynamic enhancements.
  • Standard/stock road bikes, no time trial bikes/frames.
  • Rider can be any age.
  • Standard handlebars, no aero-bars/drop in’s/clip-ons etc.
  • No aero/deep dish wheels . 32 mm maximum rim depth.
  • No after market forks.
  • No aero helmets, shoe covers, or skinsuits.
  • Riders are not allowed to lie on the handlebars in an aero position. Hands must be on handlebars at all times. If seen, you will be disqualified. This is a safety issue, yours and the riders around you.
  • Promoter has final approval over all equipment.

General rules

  • Please be courteous to the people living in the area of start/finish and on the course --all it take is one unfortunate event to ruin it for all of us. We are their guests.
  • Be still and apply your brakes when being held at the start. Your starter will give you a good, healthy push. Starter has never dropped anyone.
  • Remember your number and yell it out at the finish.
  • Keep start and finish areas clear at all times.
  • Please, do not “circle around’ and ask the timers/starters for your time.
  • Be aware of the riders finishing with you; this information may be needed when times are being calculated.
  • Pass other racers on the left, and call out when passing.
  • No drafting.
  • The center line rule is always in effect. At no point in time should a rider cross the center line of the road. It doesn’t matter if there is a yellow line or not. Rider’s that violate this rule are subject to disqualification. For safety’s sake, please ride as far to the right as you are able.
  • Please treat the volunteers with respect. Remember, they are volunteering their time so you can have fun racing. Anyone who argues with, or otherwise mistreats the volunteers faces disqualification and exclusion from future events.
  • Ride smart and ride safe. With few exceptions, the roads are open to traffic. Never trust a corner marshal if your eyes do not agree.
  • We reserve the right to not accept any person’s entry.
  • Be sure to welcome new riders and congratulate those with new Personal Records.
  • Series age will be determined by your age on December 31, 2012.
  • Remember, everyone is here to have fun.
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The final results are in and the champions have been awarded.  What a great season!!